Our team provides legal assistance in the field of administrative law both in terms of representing the administrative authorities and the natural or legal petitioners.

Our firm's offer includes operations such as consulting in the pre-issuance stages of issuing administrative documents, conducting audit operations, assisting and representing courts and administrative authorities.

Regarding the assistance provided to petitioners, our offer includes operations such as advice, forms and submission of requests to administrative authorities, prior complaint forms, action forms for annulment of administrative acts, assistance and representation before administrative litigation courts at all stages of the proceedings.

In the field of public procurement, our lawyers provide advice and ensure the representation of both contracting authorities and economic operators.

Regarding the representation of the contracting authorities, our team provides advice for the preparation of award documents and specifications and ensures the representation of customers in appeals made by economic operators.

Economic operators can be assisted and represented by our lawyers in filing appeals against the award documents as well as with the outcome of the procedure, requesting clarifications and formulating answers to the requests of the contracting authorities.

Our team assists and represents the contracting authorities and the economic operators both before the National Council for the Settlement of Appeals and of the competent courts.

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